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Buffalo Hump is the name ascribed to a condition characterized by the accumulation of fat at the upper back and behind the neck. It is a kind of lipodystrophy

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Explanation of the formation of lump on back of the neck on the hairline, right side left side and under the skin. Understanding of the formation of painful lump

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What is a Dowager’s Hump? A ‘Dowager’s Hump’, often referred to as a ‘Back Hump’ or ‘fatty hump at the back of the neck’, is a hump that can form at

Jan 02, 2016 · Poor posture can cause a forward head postural deficiency, which is where the chin juts forward and tilts down. The normal curve of the neck is compromised

Lupus is one of many conditions that can cause neck and back pain. Read more here.

Buffalo Hump. A buffalo hump, which is extra fat around the neck and upper part of the back, is a symptom of Cushing’s syndrome. Credits

Jan 29, 2014 · Although neck fat can be caused by several different factors, one of the main reasons for it is the same reason for excess fat anywhere on the body: excess

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buffalo hump a painless accumulation of fat on the upper back, seen in cushing’s syndrome. buf·fa·lo type term used to describe the distribution of a fat deposit

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What Causes That? If the humping is not related to spinal fracutres and osteoporosis, then you are dealing with a problem that is primarily posture related.

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Follow these simple exercises to fix your Dowager’s hump right now. Get rid of the bump at the base of your neck once and for all.

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