Fuck Knuckle 19

From the 1930’s (circa). Refers to a person of questionable intelligence. The size of the brain being given relative size of a human knuckle. Similar to pinhead.

Knuckle definition, a joint of a finger, especially one of the articulations of a metacarpal with a phalanx. See more.

Fuck Knuckle 86

Had a buddy who would run ’em over, then repeat several times to make sure. His idea was that the only good possum is a flat one.

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An oral history of sex, bribes and goalie moms. Interviews by Joe O’Connor Illustrations by Chloe Cushman

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Yanked a nice left side (large) petcock out of a set of UL tanks it’s perfect except the threads for the line are cockeyed should be fun trying to straighten

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Dec 21, 2012 · Video embedded · Directed by Hugh Rochfort Somebody please get me off this white knuckle ride, Before I choke to death swallowing my pride, We were getting along famously

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grandpa- fuck dude, reunite your nuts. your pants are like the berlin wall of nutsacks. tear down the wall! tear down the wall! tear down the wall!

Fuck Islam. It is not compatible with our values. Period. moslems have no business living in our country. It’s akin to me moving to the Amazon jungle and preaching

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