vintage costume jewelry by designers like Trifari, Boucher, Mazer, Coro, Eisenberg, Reja, De Rosa, Du Jay, Haskell, Carnegie, KJL, Ciner – fabulous designer and

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Vintage Jewelry for the Discriminating Collector The finest collection of vintage costume jewelry by Trifari Sherman Elizabeth Taylor Jomaz Ciner Marena

Vintage Jewelry Signed by Caviness by Preston Reuther . Alice Caviness, a fashion model who became a clothing designer, ventured into the Vintage costume jewelry

just when you gave up on that special vintage found us! *

Vintage Ciner 118

Vintage Ciner 57

In costume jewelry, glass is an umbrella term covering everything from beads to crystals to rhinestones. Though it is most often associated

Henry Schreiner got his start designing costume jewelry for Trigère, Norell, and Christian Dior in the late 1940s, but he’s best known fo

Eureka, I Found It! Vintage Costume Jewelry (signed) for sale.

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Vintage Jewelry – B. David by Preston Reuther . B. David Jewelry was made from 1943 until 1993 in Cincinnati, Ohio, quite far from the plethora of other American

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Vintage Ciner 91

Vintage Ciner 70

1500 pieces of Vintage Costume Jewelry, including antique Victorian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, designer signed, old rhinestone jewelry, figurals, earrings, patriotic

Vintage CADORO Large Golden Acorn Brooch. A large 3D acorn nut brooch in the bold style that Cadoro is know for. This rich gold tone highly domed acorn is accented

Vintage Ciner 89

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